I will gather here things I have written (and those I will probably write!) around William Blake.

Several of them were part of the work that I did as a Trustee and then Secretary of the Blake Society.

55. song of los

The following articles I wrote for the campaign to acquire William Blake’s Cottage in Felpham and turn it into a centre for the dissenting imagination in 2014, a project that has been very dear to my heart from its conception and for which I worked with all the care, commitment and devotion that it deserved:

Blake’s Difficult Journey Through this World

Blake’s difficult journey through this world

The Gate is Open

The Gate is Open

These are the notes I made for my part of our presentation for the launch of the campaign in the Houses of Parliament in July 2014. This text speaks of the plans and ideals that we had as of that date, and they may be of interest to you now

Presentation launch campaign

The following is an article on the publication of Blake’s Prophetic Books in Spanish by Spanish publishing house Atalanta.


This is a transcript of the talk I gave on Golgonooza and the lessons learnt from a failed project at the Arts and Humanities Festival in King’s College in 2012.


Another project close to my heart was the Tiger-Tyger event, that did take place in 2014 and was the seed for future Blake Society projects: we took several children from Kids Company to London Zoo to read Blake’s “The Tyger” to the tigers. A video by David Vinall recording the event may be found in the Blake Society webpage.

The recording of my reading of Milton for the Voice Project may also be found there.

The following  is an article in Spanish in the Culture section of Mexican newspaper Milenio on the Atalanta edition of the Prophetic Books, followed by the original of a shorter review:

El método de profecía de William Blake – Grupo Milenio

Libros proféticos edición Atalanta

The following link is to the issue of the Sunday supplement of Mexican newspaper Milenio, where I published an article in 2013 alerting on the danger of losing a space to honour Blake’s art and spirit in his London house in South Molton Street (skip the cover and it’s in the following page):

South Molton Street Milenio Dominical

Finally, the Power Point presentation of the talk I gave for the Blake Society in 2010, about my novel Ciudad doliente de Dios, inspired on William Blake’s Prophetic Poems. At that time the novel was not finished yet. It is now (in Spanish), and waiting for a publisher –they seem to be daunted by its length of 900 pages, but I still hope that the novel won’t have to be one of the items I add to this blog, so that you can read it in its proper book form… one day.

Politics of Revelation presentation compatibility mode

The Imagination is not a State: it is the Human Existence itself



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