‘Flint’ review in Wood Be Poet

Yesterday Chris Edgoose published a most generous review of my eBook Flint in his Wood Bee Poet blog.

I want to thank Chris here for such an attentive reading of my piece. It is always a great joy to find such readers!

You can read the review here:


Chris Edgoose’s declaration of principles regarding his reviews of poetry talks of a profound, curious and insightful engagement with poetry that I find liberating and necessary. He affirms to see poetry as both ‘part of the world’, and ‘a way in to the world’, and his blog is an invitation to that understanding and that journey. His guiding principles are here:


Entrevista / Interview – Ciudad doliente de Dios

/En este enlace puedes leer la entrevista sobre mi novela Ciudad doliente de Dios realizada recientemente por Cristina Liceaga para la página Escritoras Mexicanas. La novela está inspirada en los poemas proféticos de William Blake.


The link above will take you to an interview about my novel Ciudad doliente de Dios (Doleful City of God), inspired in William Blake’s Prophetic Poems, published recently by Cristina Liceaga for the Escritoras Mexicanas page. (Please note that the interview is in Spanish.)

Charla virtual / Virtual conversation – Ciudad doliente de Dios

(Scroll down to read in English) Los invito a la charla virtual sobre mi novela Ciudad doliente de Dios (Alfaguara/UNAM), inspirada en los poemas proféticos de William Blake, el próximo viernes 19 de junio, a las 17.00 horas (horario de México), en el foro virtual de la cafebrería El Péndulo. Se transmitirá por FaceBook Live. También puedes acceder con este enlace. https://web.facebook.com/Cafebreria.el.Pendulo/videos/329154424748143/?_rdc=1&_rdr.

Además, en el siguiente enlace puedes leer la entrevista sobre la novela, realizada por Cristina Liceaga y recién publicada en la página Escritoras Mexicanas:


Above is the invitation to the virtual conversation on my novel Ciudad doliente de Dios (Doleful City of God), inspired on William Blake’s Prophetic Poems, next Friday 19th of June at 17.00 pm (Mexico time). The conversation will be in Spanish, via FaceBook Live, and can only be accessed through https://web.facebook.com/Cafebreria.el.Pendulo/videos/329154424748143/?_rdc=1&_rdr

You can also read a recent interview about the novel (in Spanish) in https://www.escritoras.mx/entrevista-con-adriana-diaz-enciso/