‘Flint’ is out with Contraband Books

As I said earlier, Contraband Books has just published my poetry pamphlet Flint. Check their website:


Flint is an elegy to a stranger prompted by a dream. It is therefore a dream diary, where the stark reality of suicide is addressed against the backdrop of springtime, interspersed with some musings on catharsis and hero-worship in modern culture.

Keep an eye on this space for information about further readings.

(If you’re struggling with depression there is help out there. Here are some useful links in the UK: Samaritans, Mind, Calm. /Si tienes problemas de depresión, busca ayuda. En México, la UNAM brinda apoyo. También SAPTEL, Línea UAM).

Book launch of ‘Flint’

My poetry pamphlet Flint (Contraband Books) will be launched on Friday 27th May at King’s College. I will be in conversation with author Quentin S. Crisp, followed by a reading from the book. The event is organised by UNAM UK. I hope you can come!

For some reason, if I want to add the link, a horrible “embedded” Eventbrite page appears instead, so here’s the info:

Friday 27th May, at 5.30 pm, at King´s College, London, Strand campus, Kings Building. K6.63, WC2R 2LS.

‘Flint’ to be published soon by Contraband

I thought it would be good, on this 4th of March, which marks the third anniversary of the death of Keith Flint, to let you know that my poetry pamphlet Flint, dedicated to him and to Armando Vega Gil, is ready to go to print and will be released soon by Contraband. I’ll update you when it’s out.

The book is an attempt to call forth hope and the celebration of life in the midst of both grief and springtime. It is very hard to even conceive what hope may look like in times like these, but I believe it walks hand in hand with poetry, and with poetry’s obstinate celebration and honouring of life, even in times of grief – perhaps even more so in times of grief.

Creo que este 4 de marzo, tercer aniversario de la muerte de Keith Flint, es un buen momento para avisarles que mi plaquette de poesía Flint, dedicada a él y a Armando Vega Gil, está lista para entrar a imprenta y será publicada próximamente por la editorial independiente Contraband. Les avisaré cuando salga.

El libro intenta invocar la esperanza y la celebración de la vida en medio del dolor, y a media primavera. Es muy difícil concebir siquiera cómo puede ser la esperanza en los tiempos que corren, pero creo que va de la mano de la poesía, y de la obstinada costumbre de la poesía de celebrar y honrar la vida, incluso en tiempos de dolor – quizá incluso entonces más que nunca.

Engendrado en Villa Diodati

Los espero mañana 30 de noviembre en la charla en línea “Engendrado en Villa Diodati: el Frankenstein de Mary Shelley”, que daré para la Casa Universitaria del Libro de la UNAM.

Join me tomorrow for this online talk (in Spanish) about Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, for the National Autonomous University of Mexico.


William Blake’s Cottage, and my Literal column

Blake’s cottage has been included in Historic England’s Heritage at Risk register. No wonder, after it’s been neglected for six years. You can read my comments in my Blake Cottage blog:


Enlace a mis comentarios (en inglés) sobre la casa de Blake en Felpham, que ha sido declarada en riesgo por Historic England.

Also, here’s my latest contribution (in English and Spanish) to Literal Magazine: https://literalmagazine.com/pictures-of-autumn/