Last spring I published my ebook Flint. As I then explained, I wanted a book which had been written in the spring of 2019 to be out in the world in spring as well, since springtime throughout its pages acts as an embodiment of hope. I felt we were in dire need of that at the beginning of the pandemic.

I also had hoped that by the time we reached this date, March 2021, the piece would have found a publisher and become a proper printed book. It hasn’t worked that way, but I still hope it will happen one day. In whatever form, the book was born as, and still is, an offering that wishes to honour the preciousness of life, and a heartfelt way to say rest in peace to the two men to which it’s dedicated: Keith Flint and Armando Vega GIl, who both left us in springtime, 2019, on the 4th of March and the 1st of April respectively.

A third part of any proceeds it makes will go to the National Suicide Prevention Alliance, another third to the NHS. 

It can be bought as a PDF here, or as an epub in Barnes & Noble, here.

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