Next Tuesday 16 May I will be joining a poetry and translation panel, organized by the Centre for Mexico Studies in the UK at King’s College, with fellow poets and translators Richard Gwyn, Anna Crowe, and Pedro Serrano. 

It starts at 18.00 at King’s building K1-56 (Strand).

We’ll be talking about the work of poets and poetry translators, and the challenges and delights of the craft.

I hope you can join us to explore the connections between Mexican, Latin American and British poetry, and the way they are expressed through translation. We will also be discussing our recent books: Peatlands by Pedro Serrano, translated by Anna Crowe; The Other Tiger: Recent Poetry from Latin America by Richard Gwyn; and Debajo la hierba. Arriba la bóveda del cielo, my anthology of British poetry translated into Spanish.

You can book in


[If you came here looking for information on the problems surrounding Blake’s Cottage please go to . My testimony is now complete in the “My Testimony” section.]

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