This is the city I love, the city I chose to live my life in, and I am brokenhearted.

Today people were killed and injured in the streets of London out of hatred.

Things like this are happening every single day, all over the world. Every single day people die and are harmed out of hatred: the madness, the blindness of hatred.

Like many, I run out of words.

Beyond the political, historical, social explanations there’s a void, the space of no-words.

It is humanity.

I can only invoke compassion, I can only wish that a vast fiery flower of compassion enfolds us all. That it brings us to our knees, not in death but in weeping, the flood of tears that cleanse our eyes so that we can see what we are, in all our beauty but in all our horror too, and that the crying of a wounded humanity becomes a river that brings life and light as it passes through every shore.

Today hatred killed and harmed people. Today is everyday. I can think of no other resistance but compassion, for us all.

om mani padme hum

 Thousand armed Avalokitesvara bodhisattva

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