The following link will take you to my comments on the minutes of the Blake Society’s AGM on 12 January 2016.

Minute Particulars – Blake Society AGM 2016

(You may need to download the PDF and save it to be able to read the comments.)

I want to state here that all those who supported the campaign to acquire William Blake’s Cottage in Felpham with financial donations, work and public support did so, without the shadow of a doubt, out of enormous generosity, enthusiasm and good will. They were victims as the rest of  us of serious deceit and abuse of trust, and deserve nothing but profound gratefulness, apologies, and that regard to truth is restored.

The document below may explain a bit more about the original plans for the Cottage, and my concerns. It was sent to the Blake Society and the Blake Cottage Trust on 15 November 2015. The Blake Society only deigned to answer with a letter last January, on the eve of the last AGM. That letter did not address a single one of the issues I raised in this document and was a disingenuous attempt at appeasing me – they had just found out I had contacted the Charity Commission. The Blake Cottage Trust has not answered at all to the document itself.

A Vision for Blake’s Cottage – ADE

I won’t be answering to any comments or questions regarding this matter here in my blog – I simply don’t  have time for that, but I will make sure to make the relevant information available to all the appropriate people and organisms.

The statement that I read at the AGM will be available on request for  members of the Blake Society.

As an update, on 31 May I was accused of inappropriate use of a donor’s email address that I supposedly got from the donor’s early communications with the Chair re the donation. I in fact found this particular donor’s email address in his Trust’s own webpage, in the Contacts area. As with everything else in this case, I have evidence about this and about every single thing I am saying here.

Next to killing a man, perhaps the worst possible thing you can do to him . . . is not to believe him when he is speaking the truth. Not to believe him when he is speaking the truth negates his identity as a social being and disrupts human solidarity. Such disbelief is, in fact, an act of violence.
Sangharakshita, The Ten Pillars of Buddhism

3 thoughts on “The minute particulars

  1. hola Adriana, ojalá pudiéramos ayudar en algo. la verdad no sé cómo. quizá difundiendo alguna nota o comunicado. estaré al pendiente. abrazos desde Puebla.

    1. ¡Mil gracias, Lilia! Pronto irá esto a la prensa también, y va a ser el tema de mi siguiente columna en Laberinto. Acá los mantengo al tanto. Como decía arriba, no voy a poder contestar todos los mensajes aquí pero sí iré actualizando lo que sea importante. Un abrazo.

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