I am delighted to inform you that Quentin S. Crisp, a great friend and great author, has just launched his Patreon page, so that you can become one of his patrons and support his writing projects.

This is the link:

Patreon Quentin S. Crisp

Seriously, if you care about literature, and about supporting great authors who have escaped the radar of the mainstream — which is usually a good thing as far as literary quality is concerned — , your money can hardly be better used. 

I’m not saying this because he’s my friend. The invitation in this blog may be inspired by friendship, but my appraisal of his work is not. (I am fairly objective in these things, and I don’t go about praising friends publicly indiscriminately.) Quentin’s devoted and disciplined commitment to literature go hand in hand with the depth of his thought and sensitivity. He has a brilliant, questioning mind, an inspired voice, and his work is worth all the support that you can give.

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